a brand created for a multifaceted artist.
a brand that evolves and that is open to error, experiments and changes.
a brand that has no static name, no static logo.
a concept and a strategy created to build on top.

tay lunar transforms stories into images with photography or filmmaking. she is creating new worlds and narratives using life as an inspiration - in solo work or within collaborations with other artists. despite of her fear of the unkown, she is transforming her own limitations into works of art, always thinking about beauty and identity in a decolonial or feminist way, helping other people deal with their own challenges by using art as a form of expressing.
to make people STOP and PAY ATTENTION. to cause feelings on the viewer, making them understand that an art piece is not only about beauty, but mostly identity and what you truly feel. to open the WOUND and express what is often left behind. to notice natural processes and cultivate patience and resilience. - mostly to cause that on viewers and appreciators.

the brand should be remembered with an archetypical identity, based on muses and mythical women. to portray vulnerability and the "unknown" and "unseen" into pictures, or as an representation of feelings that are not quite understandable with words.
working with dreams and intuition, things that are usually not taken seriously in this automated world.
making things with honesty, love, vulnerability, and affection, always thinking about the process, and not only the final product is one of the main things that makes this brand different.
finding ways out, thinking about the new narratives and new possibilities of future.

geographical freedom is a way: ability to make things from a distance - anywhere in the world;
analogue language in a digital world: return to analogic processes that prioritize the process itself and not the result;
rise of political matters: art created from a feminist point of view, often thinking about queer and decolonial matters.

creating art with intuition, rituals and processes. unraveling layers of our own mind and the memories that we carry, because people come with stories that deserve to be written or carved into wounds of a picture, reframing realities.

resilience: something that I think we should pursue at all times;
respect: to the subject of the photograph or to our publics of interest represented by personas;
honesty: patience and expressiveness that come with the ability to share intimacy, in a raw way;
duality: between light and shadow, hot and cold, good and bad.
lunar is the mystery, the whole, while lóri and tay are two parts of this brand. tay lunar is the mixture between solar and lunar - tay being the sun.
they represent the tarot archetypes of the high priestess and the empress.
strong women, but with different aspects of femininity. learning is what unites them.

To engage more in more "artistic projects" - as in my own and also others' - mainly audiovisual and photo.
I want to be not only an artist with photography but also a director of photography working with filmmaking and video.
Academic career - I would like to be a part time professor and share my knowledge
To work traveling - the world is my field of work. Brazil, Europe, Africa - geographical freedom.
- cis-women, LGBT or not, 25 to 60 yo, feminists and often artists - or that have dealt with art at some point;
- romantics, lovers of art;
- psychologists, who use my art as a tool for therapy;
- curators from emerging galleries, judges, and other artists, present in selective processes and residencies.
- patrons or mecenas.
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