Each pseudonym has a logotype and a connected symbol. It works as a changing brand system.
The main signature is the one that has tay lunar and lori lunar as two sides of the same eclipse, appearing both hands. The secondary signatures are open to change, combining the graphic elements inside the lunar system:
- hands;
- phases of eclipse;
- rings and sattelites.

The brand has 3 types of icons. Each family is composed by a set of elements, focusing on minimalist illustrated images, inspired by tattoo artists.

In order to create a sense of collective, community and belonging of the public with the brand, the production of promotional materials (such as merchandising products, institutional stationery and gifts) is encouraged.
Whenever possible, we will use materials with a low negative environmental impact.
We believe it is important to look for more responsible means of production and to reduce the use of non-biodegradable materials.
Preference for paper without finishing and / or lamination finishing in daily printouts. In specific cases, for short run and scale prints, we recommend the use of matte lamination with varnish application located on the logo.
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